Individual Goals and Progress

Applies To Version(s): 4


The Individual Goals and Progress page tracks defined goals and progress notes against each goal.

Data from this page is used in generating Individual, Program and Agency (site-wide) statistical reporting.


  • The Individual Goals and Progress page is a proprietary ShareVision page and can be hidden by a Site Administrator if required.
  • To create/edit goals users will need to have permissions granted to them to access Individuals and the ability to perform required actions on either/or the Individual Goals and Individual Goals Progress forms (lists).


The Goals and Progress page has two parts;

  1. Active/Inactive Goals:
    1. Click/tap a radio button to filter the goals to that status. The page can filter which goals are current and/or which goals are completed or discontinued. A date value in the Goal form 'Completed Date' or 'Discontinued Date' fields will system 'mark' the goal as 'inactive'.
  2. Individual Goals:
    1. Click/tap the row of a Goal to filter the Goal Progress notes in the section (page part) below.
    2. Click/tap the Goal Title link to open and view that goal form.
  3. Individual Goals Progress:
    1. Click/tap the row of a progress note to view the full form.


Add A Goal for An Individual

  1. Click/tap 'Add Goal'.
  2. Complete form - do not add 'Completed Date' or 'Discontinued Date'
  3. Click/tap 'Save'

Add a Goal Progress Note for an Individual

  1. Click/tap row of Goal in 'Individuals Goals' top section (page part) to select goal-in-focus.
  2. 'Goal Progress' section will display the selected goal-in-focus title and filter any previously recorded progress notes against that goal.
  3. Click/tap 'Add Goal Progress'.
  4. Complete form.
  5. Click/tap 'Save'
  6. You will return to the Individual Goals and Progress page with the goal-in-focus you previously chose selected.

Delete a Goal

  1. Click/Tap the Goal you wish to delete.
  2. If you are a permitted user you will see the 'Delete' button on the Goal form.
  3. When deleting a goal you will be asked if you want to delete any associated goal progress  items. Select your choice.

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