Did you know that ShareVision v4 includes responsive web design? This means that your ShareVision v4 site will render (or display) on all devices by automatically adapting to the screen size of the device. This feature means that ShareVision users can login from a mobile phone, tablet or computer and access the ShareVision site. Site Administrators can configure what users can access on each type of device (mobile phone, tablet and computer). The articles in this section of the knowledge base provide you with additional information.

About the ShareVision Mobile App

There is a ShareVision Mobile App available in the app stores for both Android and iPhone. This app is not to be used with ShareVision V4. It was created for earlier versions of ShareVision like V3, V3.5 and V3.7. Please review the information below for how to access your V4 site on an Android or iPhone without using the ShareVision Mobile App.