Version History - User

Applies To Version(s): 4


When Version History is enabled on a list or document library, a user can now see the changes that have been made to list items or documents in document libraries. They can also restore a list item or document to a previous version.


  • Version History must be enabled on the list or document library. 

    To learn how to enable Version History, please review:

  • Permissions to view Version History
  • Permissions to restore Version History


This article outlines how a user can access The Version History of an Item (Record) and Restore a Previous Version of an Item (Record) 

How-to View Version History

To view version History the item would have to be opened. 

The option to view Version History is found at the bottom fo the page "View Version Info" 

Version history must be enabled by admin. Permissions to view Version History must be enabled by Admin. 

How-to Restore a previous Version 

To restore an Item (Record) to a previous version you will need 

  • Select View Version Info
  • Choose Which Version you want to restore 
  • Action: Restore

Users must have permissions to edit Version History. Your ShareVision Site Administrator can provide the required access.