Employee Services Portal

Applies To Version(s): v4.0 Custom and Essentials - Add-On for Essentials: Contact ShareVision to order.


The Employee Services Portal provides a place in ShareVision where all staff can access related information regarding working within the organization. 

To use the Employee Services Portal

  • You must have ShareVision v4.0 Custom or purchased the Employee Services Portal Add-On.

  • You must have a user account to login.
  • You must have security permissions granted to access the Employee Services Portal.

Employee Services Portal - Employee Services Forms

Employee Services Forms

Using a List PagePart will allow you to add a generic form to the Employee Services Portal. An example that is included on this Portal is the Vehicle Accidents form. This form will list all vehicle accidents without filtering it for specific employees or services (programs or residences). 

Configuring a List PagePart

 See List PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

Employee Services Portal - Libraries

The Employee Services Portal has example document libraries that may be useful to your organization.

  1. Job Postings
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Meeting Minutes
  4. Printable Forms

Configuring a Documents PagePart

 See Documents PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

Employee Services Portal - Time Off Requests

The Employee Services Portal includes a page where staff members can submit Time Off Requests to be Approved or Declined by a permitted user.

This page has been configured to only display where the logged in user has been named in the Employee field of each request. If the logged in user has not been named in the Employee field they will not see or have access to others Time Off Requests.

Employees can submit a Time Off Request by clicking the 'add new time-off request' button and completing the form.

The Approval Status is shown as 'pending' until a permitted user makes an approval decision as either 'Approved' or "Rejected' (Declined).

An Email Alert can be setup using the Email Alert Manager (EAM) to;

  • Alert a Manager, Supervisor or permitted user to review and give an approval decision and another to
  • Alert the Employee a decision has been made.

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