Intake New Clients Wizard Add-On

Applies to Version 4 . Add-on: Contact your ShareVision to subscribe.


The Intake New Clients Wizard enables a permitted User to create a new Client/Supported-Individual as an entity within ShareVision from the Program or Residence 

Note: this is within Security Permissions the ShareVision Site Administrator has configured prior.


Creating a Client/Supported Individual (known as Individual in ShareVision) involves creating items (records) on multiple lists (tables) and applying the correctly desired Security Permissions at key points. As there are multiple steps, omission of a step while creating the Individual manually may result in Individuals not displaying and being accessible to the correct users. The Intake New Client Wizard automates some of this process and ensures data integrity as described below.

The add-on ensures that there are no duplicate 'Individual' entities for the same client/supported individual. A Search function allows central administrators to discover if the Supported Individual has previously been created within ShareVision. If so, they can be registered in a program. If not, the Wizard takes the admin user through the process of creating a new 'Individual' in the system.

Forms required are presented in sequence; People list, Profile list, Fact Sheet list (demographic information) and a Program History item that tracks services engagement or participation. The Intake New Client Wizard also applies pre-defined permissions for all appropriate users to start tracking forms and data for that Supported Individual. These pre-defined permissions can be configured to be removed once an Individual is no longer participating within that Program or Residence.

Add an Individual to Program or Residence Using the Intake New Clients Wizard

You will find an “add individual link” under the Individuals page part or in the quick launch. 

Note: If you have not purchased the Intake New Client Wizard you will add new individuals to programs or residences from the Contact Manager.

Clicking the Add Individual link launches a wizard that guides users through each step and automatically applies permissions to the individual's profile.  There will be an opportunity to create a Program History record and a Fact Sheet for the individual in the wizard process. 

Getting Here

Start from the program or residence you'd like to add the individual to. 

If when adding an individual, you get this error message:  There are no permissions set up for this Program. Please contact your ShareVision admin.

That means permissions have not been set up for this program; you have missed this step.

NOTE: Set up Required

Before you can add Individuals, you need to set up the Individual Wizard Permissions list with the security instructions.

Navigate to;

Site Administration > (Employees and Security) Individual Wizard Permissions

  1. Click 'new item'
  2. Title: leave as is, displaying default value 'View'.
  3. Program or Residence: Select the Program or Residence you wish to permit Users to add Individuals to.
  4. Group: Select the group(s) you wish to enable this Add-On for (you can select multiple to have the same Permissions level.
  5. Permissions: User Groups can be given one of three Permissions levels 
    1. Read: viewing access only
    2. AddEdit: users can access, add records, edit records (also dependent on particular form (list) permissions also)
    3. Delete: users can access, add, edit and delete records (again, also dependent on particular form (list) permissions also)
  6. Remove at Exit: When the Individual is exited from the Program or Residence (by adding an [Exit Date] to the Program History record) this setting can be used to determine if the User Groups specified can still access the Individual's records or not. Checking the box will remove the Group(s) permissions/access.


When users add a new individual to your site from Program or Residence Details page, they'll have an opportunity to also create a Fact Sheet and add a new Program History record for this individual. Clicking the Add Individual link launches a wizard that guides users through each step and automatically applies permissions to the individual's profile.

 Add a New Individual to Your Site

Add a New Individual to Your Site

  1. Before proceeding, be sure you have completed the required security configurations for this wizard. (see “Set up required” above

  2. Navigate to the program or residence you are going to add the Individual to

  3. Click the Add Individual menu item in the QuickStart.
  4. Enter the individual’s name in the Search box and click the Search button.
  5. If the correct person is found in the results returned, click the button Add to Program.
    1. If the correct Individual does not appear in the results, or if no records were found in the search, verify correct spelling of the person's name and check that you have entered only their last name in the search box (do not search for their full name.)  If the person is still not found in the search results, click create a new person
    2. If you get the error message: There are no permissions set up for this Program. Please contact your ShareVision admin. Permissions have not been set up for this program; go back to “Set Up Required” above.
  6. From the Individual Wizard: New Item, fill in the person’s name to create a new People record. Click OK to save and go to the next step.
  7. From the Profiles: New Item page, complete the form to create a new Profile. Click OK to save and go to the next step of creating a Fact Sheet for this individual.
  8. The wizard will then present a Program History form with the Program or Residence field populated with the Program or Residence from which the user initiated the wizard.
 Add a New Program History Record

Add a New Program History Record

Program History captures referral, start and exit dates. Adding a start date is required to add an individual to a program.

  • From the Program History: New Item page, complete the form and enter a start date to complete the intake process; click OK to save and go to the next step
 Create a Fact Sheet

Create a Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet stores basic demographic information. Click the link to learn more.

  • From the Fact Sheet: New Item page, complete the form and click OK to save.  This completes the wizard.
 View Your Newly Created Fact Sheet and Program History Record

View Your Newly Created Fact Sheet and Program History Record

  1. From the Program Details page, find the newly added individual in the Individuals box on the right, below the Program Information box. Click on the individual's name to open their Individual Details page. 
  2. Links to Fact Sheet and Program History are found on the navigation bar. Click the links to open each page and find your newly created items in the list.