Password Reset


The Password Reset feature allows users that have forgotten their password to have it reset automatically by the system without having to contact a ShareVision administrator.

The Request Password Reset Function will:

  • Send and a Reset Password E-mail with a link
    • The link will open a form which will require the user to enter the following information:
      • New Password
      • Confirm New Password

The Password Reset feature allows users that have permissions enabled by their Sharevisions Administrator to Reset their password. 

Click Path : Great Icon (Top Right Hand Corner) > Manage My Account

Admin Screens

User Screens (If enabled by Admin)

      ------ OR ----→ 

  1. Display Gear Menu 
  2. Access Manage My Account

  1. Current Password
  2. New password 
  3. Confirm New Password
  4. Process Password Change
  5. Reset filled in fields

Visual Confirmation Password has been changed. 

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