Save Conflicts

Applies To Version(s): 4


This knowledge base article provides you with everything you need to know about the Save Conflicts on your ShareVision site.


Before experiencing Save Conflicts on your ShareVision site, you will need to

  • Login with ShareVision permissions
  • Two users making edits to the same entry on ShareVision


A save conflict occurs when two users are editing the same form at the same time. A Save Conflict popup will appear when this occurs. 


If two users are editing the same entry at the same time they will encounter a save conflict. The first user to save will have their changes saved on the form as usual, when the second user goes to save they will encounter a Save Conflict popup.

There are three options when encountering a Save Conflict:

  1. Discard Changes: Discard your changes and reload the updated form
  2. Save and Overwrite: Save your changes, overwriting all recent modifications
  3. Cancel: Will take you back to the edit screen where you can continue making changes. .

Before deciding between Discard Changes or Save and Overwrite, users can select the Click Here hyperlink in the popup.

When selected, a new window will open that displays the modified version of the form so users are aware of what changes have occurred since they began editing.                                                


Once a user has reviewed the modifications made since they have opened the form, they are able to decide which option is the most appropriate for their situation: Discard Changes or Save and Overwrite.