Health and Safety Portal

Applies To Version(s): v4.0 Custom and Essentials - Add-On for Essentials: Contact ShareVision to order.


The Health and Safety Portal provides a space for staff to access agency Health and Saety information and log and track related records.

While the portal can be used to store any kind of form, documents, or calendar, some examples would be Health and Safety related committee meeting minutes, schedules, and agendas, staff injury forms and compliance tracking.

To use the Health and Safety Portal

  • You must have ShareVision v4.0 Custom or purchased the Health and Safety Portal Add-On.

  • You must have a user account to login.
  • You must have security permissions granted to access the Health and Safety Portal.

Health and Safety Portal - Main Page

The Health and Safety Portal main page has three Page Parts on the Portal landing page;

  1. Agency Announcements page-part

  2. Health and Safety Issues page-part

    1. This is a task system where users are assigned to a Health and Safety related issue or task for work efforts to be tracked.
    2. This page-part uses a special list Trax.
  3. Events Calendar page-part

Health and Safety Portal - Forms

Forms and Lists included on the Health and Safety Portal

  1. Incidents
    1. Critical Incident Form

    2. Medication Incident Form

    3. Staff Accident Report

  2. Lists
    1. Safety Inspection Checklist

    2. Emergency Response Drill

    3. Accessibility Checklist

Configuring a List PagePart

 See List PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

Health and Safety Portal - Document Libraries

The Health and Safety Portal has an example document library that may be useful to your organization.

The library is displayed under the heading 'Documents';

  1. Meeting Minutes: some agencies create Word or other types of document file to record meeting minutes. This library offers a repository to keep Health and Safety related meeting minutes in one place.

Configuring a Documents PagePart

 See Documents PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

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