Employee Shift Schedule

Applies To Version(s): 4


The Employee Shift Schedule allows users to view the shift calendar in a convenient location to ensure staff are aware of their upcoming schedule as well as who they are working with. Depending on how you'd like the Employee Shift Schedule set, options are available to allow staff to manage their schedule by creating and editing shifts - making swaps and coverage a hassle free experience.


Before setting up the Employee Shift Schedule on your site, you will need to:

  • Login with ShareVision Administrator permissions 
  • Have developed a plan of how you would like to configure the Employee Shift Schedule and permissions you would like to grant users


  1. Login to ShareVision with a user account that has Site Administrator permissions. 
  2. Select the gear in the upper right hand corner and then select Site Administration:
  3. When prompted, enter your ShareVision Administrator username and password and select Sign In.

  4. In Site Administration, select Configure Portal Settings in the Portals and Pages section                            
  5. Click on the Portal in which you'd like the Employee Shift Schedule to be displayed.

  6. Select (or create) the page within the portal in which you'd like the Employee Shift Schedule to be displayed.

  7. Click New PagePart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  8. Give the PagePart a name, ie "Employee Shift Schedule".                                                                         

  9. Under Type select Calendar.

  10. Under Data Source go to List, select Employee Shift Schedule from the drop down of options.

  11. Adjust the PagePart settings to your needs

  12. To allow staff the ability to add shifts to the Employee Shift Calendar from the PagePart, ensure the 'New' button is enabled in the PagePart Buttons section.

  13. Once satisfied with your selections, click Save, the Employee Shift Schedule should now appear on the desired page.

Staff User Guide

Adding an entry to the Employee Shift Schedule

  1. When adding a new Employee Shift Schedule entry, click on the Add New Item button.
  2. Enter the shift details, anything with a red asterix * is mandatory, the rest can be filled out at your own discretion.                                      
  3. When the details have been completed, click Save.
  4. You will be re-directed back to the Employee Shift Schedule and should now be able to view the added calendar entry. 

Editing an existing entry on the Employee Shift Schedule

  1. Click on the entry you would like to edit                                  
  2. Click the Edit button at the top of bottom of the form                
  3. The form will now be in editable to make the necessary changes. Once changes are complete press Save
  4. You will be redirected back to the Employee Shift Schedule and the edited entry will appear