Managers Portal

Applies To Version(s): v4.0 Custom and Essentials - Add-On for Essentials: Contact ShareVision to order.


The Managers Portal provides managers and other supervisory staff a place in ShareVision where they can keep sensitive and/or administrative information that should be only accessed by them. While the portal can be used to store any kind of form, documents, or calendar, some examples would be managers staff meeting minutes, schedules, and agendas, links to viewing full versions of selected lists, as well as staff training logs.

To use the Managers Portal

  • You must have ShareVision v4.0 Custom or purchased the Managers Portal Add-On.

  • You must have a user account to login.
  • You must have security permissions granted to access the Managers Portal.

Managers Portal - Managers Forms

Managers Forms

Using a List PagePart will allow you to add a generic form to the Managers Portal. With this add-on the following forms are automatically added and set up on this portal:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Key List
  3. Vehicle Logs

Configuring a List PagePart

 See List PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

Managers Portal - Libraries

The Managers Portal has an example document library that may be useful to your organization.

The library is displayed under the heading 'Manager Pages';

  1. Compliance Documents
    1. This is a 'Documents' type Page-Part.

Configuring a Documents PagePart

 See Documents PagePart: Set Up and Configuration

The Managers Portal page and page-part 'Compliance Links'  is a 'Links' type page-part configured to give users with access to the portal and page the ability to post and display hyperlinks to compliance related online pages either within ShareVision or outside of ShareVision.

Managers Portal - Time Off Requests

The Managers Portal includes a page where members of the security group 'GRP Managers' can approve or reject an Employee's Time Off Request which they made via a page in the Employee Services Portal.

Approving or Rejecting a Pending Time Off Request

  1. Visit the Manages Portal > Time Off Requests page
  2. Either;
    1. Click the tick-icon button to enter the Approval Decision pop-up (see note below) OR
    2. Click the row of the record you wish to see more detail of; the full form will open and a 'Approve/Reject' button is available to be clicked.
  3. On the Approval Decision pop-up there are three decisions an approver can make plus a comments field;

    1. Approved:
      1. Approve or allow the request.
    2. Rejected:
      1. Decline the request
    3. Pending:
      1. By default, when a new form/record is created on a list where Content Approval is turned on, the approval 'Status' will be 'Pending'.
    4. Comment:
      1. This text can be read by the Employee submitting the Time Off Request.

  1. The 'Approval' icon button will appear on each row of a List type Page-Part where 'Content Approval' has been turned on in the List Settings of the particular form.
  2. The 'Approval' icon button and the form 'Approve/Reject' button only appear to the users who are permitted to approve requests (meaning any forms/content where content approval is turned on).

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