Training Content Manager (TCM) Add-On


Applies To Version(s): 4  Add-on: Contact Customer Success ( or a ShareVision Product Expert to order.


  • The Training Content Manager ShareVision Add-On provides an easy way to deliver online training content and simple testing to your staff. Training content can be delivered via documents, on screen data/text/links and your selected YouTube videos, embedded within the ShareVision page.
  • Courses can be set up to be available to Employees based on which programs or residences they work in - employees only see the training that is applicable to where they work.
  • Included are two reports; you can view who has "passed"/not completed a course OR see all training taken by selected staff.
  • Creation and management of training content is found in the Course Builder section in the Training Portal

The TCM is available to Site Administrators via the Training Portal. While the Site Administrator can grant Portal access to user groups via the Portal permissions, courses cannot be created until you are subscribing to the TCM Add-On.

Requirements for the TCM

  • You must have a user account that is either a Site Administrator user or in a group permitted by the Site Administrator to access and complete Training Course Sections and Quizzes.

Requirements for the TCM Add-On

  • You must be subscribing to this add-on.
  • Your user account is either a Site Administrator user or in the user-group 'GRP TCM Course and Quiz Creators'

Configuring the TCM when subscribing to the TCM Add-On

When subscribing to the TCM Add-On the following will be available;

Course Builder page

This page allows permitted users to view and access the Course Builder page in the Training Portal. The page gives all the tools to create and edit Streams, Courses and Course Sections.

New Permission Level 'List Creation' created

This is to allow the security group GRP TCM Course and Quiz Creators users to create quizzes (lists) and access List Settings to create questions.

New User Security group 'GRP TCM Course and Quiz Creators'

Allows group users to access the Course Builder page, create quizzes (lists) and access List Settings to create questions.

(warning) Only members of this group and Site Administrators can create courses.



A grouping of Courses (or curriculum) that are made available for an employee via the permission groups they included in. Training Courses can be added to existing Streams or new streams can be created.


A set of Course Sections (topics) that combined constitute a complete training 'course'.


A collection of materials on a topic within a training Course.

  • The TCM tracks users’ progression through Course Sections.
  • The TCM tracks which employees have taken which courses.

Creating a training course Stream


  1. Create the name of a STREAM by navigating to the Course Builder in the Training Portal
  2. Enter a Stream title, Select the permission groups in the stream and click Save.


Users can view courses based on the streams their permissions groups have access to. Stream groups can be edited using the edit icon in the Course Builder page.

Creating a Training Course

Create and define a Training Course.

  1. Navigate to the Course Builder section of the Training portal
  2. Select the stream to add a training course for
  3. Select the add course button
  4. Enter the following as appropriate:

    1. Course Name – Title of Training Course
    2. Start Date - Date this course is offered from.
      1. When setup, this course will appear on the employee Available Training page on this date.
    3. End Date - Last day this course will be made available.
      1. After this date it will not be displayed in the Available Training page).
      2. This cannot be blank (if COURSE to be offered continually, enter a 20yr date)
    4. Expiry Length - Enter the period (in number of days) a course pass is valid for (from the date of a pass).
      1. When period passed, dependent on offered dates and if still within offered STREAM, this course will then be displayed in the QuickStart>Available Training page for the user.
    5. Quiz - Create or select the applicable end-of-course quiz.
      1. See Create a training course Quiz below. The Quiz can be created while you are completing the Course configuration form OR added to the Course form later.
    6. Quiz Type - 
      1. Learning Quiz -  Displays the correct answer to the user once the quiz is complete
      2. Test Quiz - Only informs the user if they passed or failed the quiz. Does not display correct answers
    7. Answer Key - Select the create answer key button then answer the quiz with the correct choices and select the save answer key button. Note: you can edit the correct answers using the "Edit Answer key" button.
    8. Pass Percentage - Enter a percentage pass: ‘75’ entered = 75% required.
    9. Description – Text here will be displayed for this Course in the available training listings for users.
    10. Course Image – Upload an image that will be displayed for this Course in the available training listings for users.
    11. Streams – Choose which Stream (group) of Training Courses this course will be included in. NOTE: A best practice would be to not add this Course to a Stream until the course content is completed and ready to be available to employee users.
    12. Send Reminder and Number of days before Expiry – these columns set how far in advance of a training attainment expiry date an email will be sent to remind a User (staff member) expiry is imminent. The course will appear in the users "Available Training" page when the email is sent
      1. Alerts will only be sent to User accounts with a valid email address which have a Pass Percentage in their last Quiz within ShareVision.
  5. Click OK to save Training Course definition.

Quiz Types



Create a training course Quiz 

The Quiz can be created from the Training Course form (described above) while completing the form OR a quiz can be created before creating a Training Course. Do one of the following options;

Create a new Quiz from the new course form.

  1. Click the 'New Quiz' link on the New Training Course (see image above) and create a Quiz. The form for creating a new Quiz will open in a new browser tab for convenience.
  2. Enter a Name for the course Quiz. A description can be added if desired for administrative reference.

    The word 'quiz' will need to be in the quiz title for the system to recognize a quiz list

  3. Begin building the questions for your Quiz as columns in the quiz list.
    1. *NOTE: The ‘Choice’ column type is the only column type that the system will return a scored result on and to give a PASS or FAIL result. Other types of columns (e.g. Single Line of Text, Yes/No checkbox) can be included, but in scoring the test, the system will disregard these types of columns. To set up your choice columns;
      1. Column Type = Choice
      2. ‘Display choices using:’ = Radio Buttons or Checkboxes for multiple answers
      3. ‘Allow fill-in choices’= No
      4. Default Value = blank (ensure this column has no value entered).
  4. When all questions are created, close the quiz browser tab and return to the Course creation form tab; click the button 'Refresh Quiz list' and select your newly created Quiz.
  5. Complete the rest of the New Training Course form and click OK.

--- OR ---

  1. Select a Quiz from the dropdown that has already been created

Create Course Sections of a Training Course and add content.

  1. In the Course Builder page, Select the 'Course Builder' button next to the training course.

  2. Click on a COURSE definition on the top half of the screen to ensure the bottom half, the Course Sections part, corresponds. Click the  'Add Section' button.

  3. Complete details.

    1. Section Title – A short description/title of this section; it will display as a sub-title for this Course.
    2. Content – Learning content to be displayed on the Section page. Images and formatted text can be added here. You can also add hyperlinks to material within and outside of ShareVision.
    3. Youtube – A video link here will embed the video to be displayed within the ShareVision training page.
      1. Note: the ID of the video is only required. For example; the YouTube video link of is to be entered as Z6tf5l_6zJw
    4. Vimeo – A video link here will embed the video to be displayed within the ShareVision training page.
      1. Note: the ID of the video is only required. For example; the Vimeo video link of  is to be entered as 184228819/1234567

    5. Attach File - Training material can be added as an attachment
      1. It is recommended that, when downloading Microsoft Office files in Internet Explorer, the user saves the file locally to then open and view. Selecting open may cause the system to request login details again, often in a dialogue box behind the active browser window and hidden from view. This may cause the user to believe the system has crashed or is 'stuck'. 
      2. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can also be attached for download. Save a PowerPoint file as .ppsx extension for opening in slideshow mode and .pptx extension for opening in edit mode. See our How To article.
        1. Other options;
          1. Use Screen Capture software to create a video of a PowerPoint presentation and add the video to a section
          2. 'Print' a PowerPoint file to PDF and add that to a course section
          3. Create a screenshot image of each slide and present the images in the presentation order in a course section.
  4. Click OK to create/save this course Section.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 above to add sufficient Sections for the Course.

Section Order

Course Sections can easily be ordered by clicking and dragging the section 'bar'.

The Course Sections will be presented to Course Takers in sequence from top to bottom order.

View User Results

Site Administrators can view the results of the TCM Quizzes in the "TCM - Training Data" List accessed through the "VIEW ALL LIST AND LIBRARIES" page.

The version history will need to be set to "yes" if you want the system to save all quiz attempts. You can update this in the TCM - Training Data list setting under the "Versioning Settings"

EMPLOYEES - Viewing and Completing a Training Course

Completing and reviewing Sections

  1. User navigates to the (portal) Training > (page) Available Training

  2. Select Stream – selection will display courses available in each Stream.
  3. User to select appropriate Course and click ‘Take Course’. The first course Section will be displayed for User to view/read. Clicking ‘Complete Section’ button will advance User to the next Section. *Note: User can only view Sections in ascending order, but can review any sections previously viewed.

Taking the end of course Quiz (test).

  1. At the end of the Course you will be given the opportunity to review the sections before submitting your answers in a course Quiz.

  2. On clicking ‘Start Quiz’ the Quiz questions will be displayed. Make appropriate responses to each question and click okay.

  3. The User’s responses will be compared to the corresponding Training Course definition Answer Key, and, dependent on the Pass Percentage configured, the system will inform the User whether they Passed or Failed the Quiz.

  4. If the User has received a ‘Fail’, then they can click to review another section and then click on ‘Quiz’ to answer the Quiz questions.

Note: When there are multiple answers for a question in learning quiz, the quiz taker will be made aware of all the correct and incorrect answers on the question

Demo Video